Chiemi Photography | About
Hello and thank you for visiting my page. I am Chiemi McGhie, owner and head photographer for Chiemi Photography. With over 10 years in the wedding industry, I have learned that every Bride needs the ease of knowing that the moments of their special day are going to be captured with care and attention to detail that was put into planning. It is important to feel at ease during your wedding so you can enjoy every moment, and let's face it stress has a way of showing on one's face. When selecting your photographer, it is important to find a perfect fit, so I would like to provide a little insight to who I am as it shows in my work.

I am a hopeless romantic. I believe in the power of love. I believe in marriage and the beauty of what it brings out of two people. I believe it is in the small moments and details that there is the most beauty. I love weddings and love to watch people in love. There is nothing that compares to a real life romantic movie that makes you tear up...which I have been known to do from time to time. I have been married since April 2008 to a man that I absolutely adore. Our romantic tale also includes the craziness of five children between the two of us and the addition of a dog. I share this small piece of me to provide insight to the person behind the lens. I would be honored to be a small piece of your romantic tale to capture the laughter, fun, love and emotion that can not be put into words. Please feel free to call or email me and we can set a time to have a cup of coffee and talk about your wedding day.